A Shalla Wista Studio Trunk Show allows vendors the ability to showcase a wider variety of our latest designs and a full collection to their customers. 


They are hosted throughout the year by select Shalla Wista Studio authorized vendors. By hosting a Trunk Show you are agreeing to the following terms:



  • Host must provide adequate staff for duration of the event.
  • Profits are split 60/40 (non negotiable).
  • Host must sell a minimum of $2000.00 whole sale. If minimum is not met, host will place an order following the trunk show to meet the minimum. 
  • Shalla Wista Studio contacts are available for communications regarding event, to ensure success.


Orders Placed


  • All indivigual orders have an additional shipping/insurance fee, flat rate of $10 added to order total. Please include this in the total due at end of show.
  • All orders will ship within two weeks of show, unless the item is placed on backorder and the customer will be notified. 


Returns, Exchanges, Repairs


  • We do not accept returns or exchanges. 
  • All repairs need to be mailed to the following address:


    Shalla Wista Studio

    81 Church St.

    Suite 105

    Birmingham, Al 35213


  • Depending on the type of repair, there will be a fee associated unless it is determined to be faulty or a manufacturing issue.


Please contact Sales@ShallaWista.com for any questions.