About Us



Shalla Wista Studio opened in 2006 as designer, Laura Gaines, was seeking an opportunity to create imaginative pieces for women to feel beautiful wearing. She designs out of a studio in Birmingham, just above a buzzing, local coffee shop that she frequents daily. Shalla Wista soon grew into a national brand that can be recognized for its unprecedented and elegant design. 

For Laura, it is less about trends and more about her unique eye for unexpected beauty and her loyalty to the craft of handmade jewelry. She gains inspiration from her interaction with the world outside her studio, finding brilliance in nature and seeking to create pieces that mimic its organic beauty. The combination of leather, gold, semi-precious stones, and oxidized silver gives her work a spontaneous and uniquely original platform.

“I have amazing dreams with so much color that when I wake up, I cannot wait to use them in my pieces!”

Laura aims to create pieces that a woman loves wearing - effortless and stunning all in the same breath - allowing her even more excitement to be uniquely her.